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WATCH: Man climbs up electricity pole to do sit-ups  

In a shocking act, a man climbed up an electricity pole to perform sit-ups on top of it, leaving the passers-by stunned and forcing the authorities to cut power supply to the entire area.

The incident occurred in China and was shared on Twitter by People’s Daily.

Sharing the details along with the video of the incident, the local news outlet termed it the ‘ most mind-boggling behavior ever!’ and said that the man was found doing sit-ups on the overhead power line in SW China’s Chengdu, leading to a widespread power outage, affecting tens of thousands of residents.

It further said that the man, whose identity and the reason behind acting in a shocking manner was not revealed, was later detained by the police.

The video shows a man suspended about 10m in the air as he did a stomach crunch off the top of the electricity pole. Soon after his stunt, the local power company initiated an emergency power cut, affecting tens of thousands of households, said the local outlet further sharing that emergency services, including medical personnel, were rushed to the scene.

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The incident remained a hot topic on Chinese social media, with at least 1.7 million views of one hashtag relating to it.

One user commented on the bizarre incident saying: “I was annoyed because no electricity… and when I see the news and know the reason, I feel annoyed and amused at the same time.”.



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