News SFA seals Lotte Kolson factory in Karachi’s Korangi

SFA seals Lotte Kolson factory in Karachi’s Korangi


The Sindh Food Authority imposed a Rs500,000 fine on the Lotte Kolson factory in Karachi’s Korangi on Tuesday.

The production unit has been sealed now, according to the authority.

The factory, where pasta, vermicelli, and cakes, were being made was violating the cleanliness standards set by the authority.

It was found in violation of the following:

  1. No bathroom in the production unit.
  2. Lack of pest control.
  3. Storing food items in substandard condition.
  4. Misrepresentation of ‘Halal’ logo.

The scientific panel of the Sindh Food Authority has banned self-proclaimed ‘Halal’ logos of companies.

The authority has said that it will not tolerate violation of hygiene SOPs.

Lotte Kolson (Pvt.) Limited is a subsidiary of LOTTE Group. The company spokesperson couldn’t be reached for a comment on the raid. The story will be updated when their version becomes available.

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