CM Murad Will stop salary of CM Murad if pensions were...

Will stop salary of CM Murad if pensions were not released in two weeks: SHC


SUKKUR: The double bench of the Sindh High Court, Sukkur bench, on Wednesday heard the petition of pensioners seeking immediate release of their pensions, ARY News reported.

Hearing the plea filed by the pensioners to release the pensions of retired employees, the SHC gave two weeks’ time to the Sindh government to pay the pensions to retired employees.

During the hearing, the SHC remarked that the court will pass an order to freeze the salary of Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah if the pensions of govt employees were not released till February 16.

The court will also pass an order to stop the salary of the principal secretary to CM Sindh, the double bench of the Sindh High Court remarked.

The court said that matter will be forwarded to the Sindh governor if pensions were not released in the given time.

The court adjourned the hearing till February 16.

Read More: Govt tightens noose around ghost pensioners

The federal government last week tightened the noose around ghost pensioners and declared bio-metric verification mandatory.

Under the new system, pensioners drawing pensions under the federal treasury rules will undergo biometric verification every year in the months of March and October.

According to the document, government has also banned joint bank accounts and if a pensioner does not draw a pension for consecutive six months, his/her account will become inactive.



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