BABAR AZAM Babar speaks on team morale before second South Africa...

Babar speaks on team morale before second South Africa Test


Pakistan skipper Babar Azam has said the Green Caps are heading into the second and final Test against South Africa with high morale.

The home team secured a convincing seven-wicket win in the series opener in Karachi, courtesy off a superb century by Fawad Alam and a seven-wicket haul by debutante Nauman Ali.

Former captain Azhar Ali and Faheem Ashraf also chipped in with a half-century in the game.

The right-handed batsman said the side managed to turn things around in their favour in the series opener thanks to a crucial 94-run partnership by Fawad and Azhar.

“The morale of the team is high,” the Lahore-born cricketer said in a virtual press conference as quoted by Cricket Pakistan. “I agree that we lost wickets at the top in the first Test but I would like to give credit to Fawad Alam and Azhar Ali for the way they played and made a big partnership.”

He hailed the duo for anchoring the side when they were under pressure following early loss of wickets. “When the opposition takes back-to-back wickets, the pressure builds up. They both showed their experience by taking the side out of trouble. They have the knowledge to play according to the situation and we should learn from them.”

Pakistan will have their sights set on completing a series sweep when they take on the Proteas in the second Test in Rawalpindi on Thursday.

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