Sahiwal residents to get Rs750,000 health insurance: Imran Khan

Sahiwal residents to get Rs750,000 health insurance: Imran Khan

The residents of Sahiwal will be given health insurance of Rs750,000 by December 2021, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced on Friday.

Addressing the media at the inauguration of the Kamyab Kisaan Programme, he said that the main purpose of the Ehsaas Programme is to provide a safety net to the poor.

“In welfare states across the world such as Denmark and Sweden, the government protects the poor sections of the economy by giving them security of employment, health and education.”

During the coronavirus lockdown, the government gave Rs180 billion to people from lower-income groups across Pakistan, the PM said.

“In Sindh, we distributed more money than the province’s population,” he pointed out. “No one can ever say that the PTI government gave money on political basis or favouritism.”

The government will be introducing a uniform syllabus at schools and colleges in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan, he added.

“Right now, children from poor households don’t have access to the same opportunities as other students because of their syllabuses,” he said. “With one syllabus, these students will be able to get equal job opportunities.”

Similarly, the local government systems introduced by the government are for the purpose of helping people in villages.

“With the construction of industrial zones in Faisalabad, agricultural production in Punjab will increase helping farmers,” the prime minister said, adding that CPEC will also improve the living standards of people in villages.

PM Khan vowed to end the mafia of extortion and land grabbing in Punjab. He commended Punjab CM Usman Buzdar for handling the Khokhar Palace case. “The [former] prime minister and his government were protecting these land grabbers.” 

“Poor people buy land to build houses on them but it’s taken over by elites,” he said. “Accountability is very important for the growth of a country.”

The premier added that over the past years, Pakistan has dramatically lost its forest cover because previous governments didn’t form environmental policies.

“I have seen the deforestation in Shikarpur other parts of Punjab,” he said. “Our government’s 10 Billion Tree Tsunami project is being recognised and appreciated across the world and we are forming policies like these to regrow forests across the country.”

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