Culture Kapil Sharma wants to visit Kartarpur

Kapil Sharma wants to visit Kartarpur


Comedian Kapil Sharma has expressed his desire to visit Kartarpur in Pakistan.

Kapil conducted a Q&A session on Twitter to answer his fans’ questions. In response to a Pakistani fan, who asked him if there was a chance of him visiting Pakistan, Kapil said: “I want to visit Kartarpur Sahib, let’s see when.”

Kapil is on a break from his show The Kapil Sharma Show. When a fan asked him why his show has gone off-air temporarily, Kapil said that he needed time with his wife to “welcome their second baby”.

The Kartarpur corridor was inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan on November 9. It connects Dera Baba Nanak Sahib in India’s Gurdaspur district with Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Pakistan’s Narowal. Sikh devotees from India can travel to Kartarpur without a visa.

Kapil is all set to make his debut on Netflix in 2021.

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