CM Buzdar CM Buzdar takes notice of minor toy-selling Lahore girl,...

CM Buzdar takes notice of minor toy-selling Lahore girl, sends aid her way


LAHORE: After a social media video showing a minor girl selling toys across Liberty Market streets went viral, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar took Friday a notice of the grievances her family suffered and provided for them accommodation, job, and Rs100,000 aid, ARY News reported.

On CM’s directives, MD Water and Sanitary Agency provided an accommodation to 12-year-old Fatima’s family while a job for her brother in WASA as well.

MD WASA said the CM particularly asked for the redressal of minor Fatima’s sufferings who in the tender age stepped outside of her comfort zone to aid her brother and father for subsistence.

After the viral video made it to the CM, he separately sent a check of Rs100,000 for the Lahore-based 12-year-old’s family as well so that her immediate issues can be resolved and she can go back to seeking education.

According to the details, MD WASA was assigned to arrange for the family a room in Lahore with an attached bath and a little window as well where Fatima’s father could sell toys.

Reportedly, the CM regretted the fact that while the innocent minor was only young enough to play with the toys, she was instead required to step into the streets and sell them.

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Separately for minors in the port city, after some 59 under-18 boys were jailed on street crime charges in the past two months alone surpassing adult numbers, the prison authorities have suggested today surging juvenile delinquency is due to ‘meeting expenses’.

The Karachi prison report said the past two months saw about 50 juveniles, alleged in street crimes, get bails while only in the current month some 16 new entrants have made new inmates for the same charges.



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