Ayeza Khan reveals her secret to success

Ayeza Khan reveals her secret to success

Actor Ayeza Khan appeared last week on Time Out With Ahsan Khan with husband Danish Taimoor and shared her secret to success.

“My struggle started right after school,” said Ayeza. “You have to work very hard everyday.” She added that she “fights herself” and does not let success get to her head.

“My fan following increased when I was not doing. After I got married, my followers increased from three to seven million.”

Taimoor talked about aspiring young actors and how difficult it is for them to get work these days. “I work with a lot of youngsters on my show and all they ask is how they can get work.”

When asked by Ahsan about five things Ayeza has that other actresses don’t, Taimoor said he doesn’t know any actors personally.

“But I can say that I have never seen a more hardworking actor,” said Taimoor. “Ayeza always knows the script by heart. She’s punctual and always speaks the truth.”

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