Offbeat Video of tiger getting ‘too close’ to tourists’ vehicle...

Video of tiger getting ‘too close’ to tourists’ vehicle goes viral


A video of a Bengali Tiger getting too close to the tourists’ vehicle while taking pictures in India, has gone viral on social media. 

IFS officer Sushanta Nanda posted a video on Twitter, in which tourists have embarked on a jungle safari and have come out of the vehicles to take a Bengal Tiger’s photograph who is seen hiding in the bushes. They are heard saying ‘there he is’ in Hindi are quite loud about it.

Just then, the carnivore jumps onto the wall that startles the tourist and gives them a rude shock. People are telling each other to calm down as the tiger is seen standing on the wall.

Thankfully, no one was hurt as the tiger just wanted to cross the road.

According to the Indian media, the video comes from Rajasthan’s Ranthambore National Park.

However, the video was not well-received by netizens.

Nanda himself captioned the video saying, “When human brain shuts down and mouth keeps talking. Appreciate the anger management of the tiger. But that can’t be guaranteed in the future.”

There are claims rife online that one of the tourists had thrown stones at the animal that may have ‘provoked’ it to climb up on the wall. This has yet to be proven.

Nonetheless, the anger was evident in the comments section. “Well said Ji. They were lucky to be alive,” one user said. Some of them also discouraged the safaris that take place in various national parks in the country.



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