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Opposition leaders huddle tomorrow to discuss strategy

ISLAMABAD: An important session of the parliamentary leaders of the opposition parties has been summoned tomorrow (Monday), citing sources, ARY News reported on Sunday.

According to sources, the opposition parties will consult over moving a no-trust motion against the prime minister and the Speaker of the National Assembly in the session for an in-house change.

“The government and the opposition have also been in contact over the working of the parliament,” according to sources. “The opposition leaders have been in touch with Defence Minister Pervez Khattak, however, the two sides have failed to iron out differences over the parliamentary proceedings,” sources said.

“The opposition parties have demanded written guarantee over their demands, which also including equal time to opposition in the National Assembly,” according to sources.

The opposition parties have also demanded running the lower house according to the decisions made by the advisory committee.

“They have warned to boycott the assembly’s session in case of non-compliance of the agreement.”

“We will walkout of the session to halt the proceedings, which also includes pointing out the quorum,” opposition sources said.

The opposition parties will present their demands to Pervaiz Khattak, they added.

It is to be mentioned here that Ahsan Iqbal, a senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) had stressed in a statement that “long march is the only way to topple the incumbent government.” He also asked Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari to show required numbers to back up his plan of the no-trust motion.

Talking to journalists in Lahore Iqbal said “if Bilawal Bhutto has the numbers to bring a no-confidence motion then he should certainly show them.”

He said that a decisive long march was the only way to get rid of the government, adding that  March will be suitable month for the long march.

The differences over the strategy have surfaced in the opposition alliance Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) in their anti-government drive as the parties have been divided over whether to bring an in-house change via no-confidence motion or building pressure outside.

According to sources in the know, at least four PDM parties have opposed the in-house change strategy and suggested convening a top huddle to discuss the possibilities.

The sources say some parties including Pakistan People’s Party support the in-house change plan while others, such as Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) have advocated a belligerent approach.



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