Barkhan Barkhan residents shave man’s head, eyebrows over robbery accusations

Barkhan residents shave man’s head, eyebrows over robbery accusations


A young man was violently attacked and his head, eyebrows, moustache and beard shaved on allegations of theft in Balochistan’s Barkhan on January 18.

Four men have been taken into custody since then by the Levies, Barkhan Deputy Commissioner Qurban Ali Magsi said.

The victim, identified as Sardar Khan, was accused of stealing a motorbike and was caught by a mob who beat him up, shaved his head, eyebrows and beard and blackened his face. They then posted pictures and videos of him on social media.

A case was registered against them yesterday (Saturday), said the deputy commissioner. The local administration took notice of the attack after the videos and pictures went viral on social media.

The victim’s family said he was taking his brother to get medical care when a group of men attacked him. They said that instead of helping Khan and his brother, the Levies registered a fake case of theft against him.

Deputy Commissioner Magsi said a case has been registered over the inhumane treatment meted out to Khan.

Reporting by Yousuf Mari and Muhammad Atif

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