Razer unveils face masks for gamers

Razer unveils face masks for gamers

Gaming hardware manufacturer Razer unveiled a mask for gamers at the Consumer Electronics Show 2021 earlier this week. The company also launched a gaming chair with a rolling, wrap-around display.

Razer announces futuristic concept products at the show each

While other designers have released masks that go far above and beyond three-ply cloth, Razer brings its own aesthetic and is possibly the first to appeal to gamers. It has incorporated replaceable filters, rechargeable ventilators and, most interestingly, RGB LEDs.

In a video on the company website, Razer Design Director
Charlie Bolton talked about how the company contributed to the fight against coronavirus
by using its facilities to manufacture medical-grade masks. He said the design of
Razer masks makes social interactions as natural as not wearing a mask at all.

“Our smart mask has a clear transparent design,” Bolton
said. “Our built-in mic and amplifier combination and patent-pending voice-amp
technology ensures your voice isn’t muffled.”

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