anti-encroachment operation KDA pauses anti-encroachment operation over police’s request

KDA pauses anti-encroachment operation over police’s request


KARACHI: The anti-encroachment operation has been temporarily halted by Karachi Development Authority (KDA) as police personnel are busy in assisting polio vaccination teams in Korangi, ARY News reported on Thursday.

The Karachi Development Authority (KDA) announced to pause anti-encroachment drive over the request of senior superintendent police (SSP) Korangi.

In a letter sent by KDA’s Director Estate and Enforcement Department to the concerned department, it was stated that the anti-encroachment drive was postponed over the request of SSP Korangi. The drive will resume on January 19.

It stated that an anti-polio drive is underway in Korangi from January 11 to 17 and police officials are busy in assisting vaccination teams.

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Citing the situation, the authority decided to postpone the drive against encroachment which was scheduled to begin today. It may be noted here that KDA announced to launch anti-encroachment drive in Korangi where its officials would demolish illegal wedding halls.

kda halt anti-encroachment operation polio campaign

However, anti-encroachment cell of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) continued its activities in different areas of the metropolis including Sakhi Hassan, Five Star Roundabout, KDA Roundabout and others. During the action, the teams removed cabins and stalls of different welfare organisations along roads and green belts.

Moreover, KMC Land Department director claimed to clear the three-kilometre-wide area from encroachment along Mehmoodabad nullah.

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The anti-encroachment operation along Mehmoodabad nullah is still underway and illegal constructions are being demolished. According to KMC officials, around 15-foot wide land along the nullah was now cleared from illegal constructions in the ongoing operations launched over the directives of the top court.

The director said in a statement that more than 150 encroachments were eliminated during the last 10 days in ongoing efforts to widen Mehmoodabad nullah from 20 to 80 feet.



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