Karachi Gang of maidservants involved in robberies busted in Karachi

Gang of maidservants involved in robberies busted in Karachi


KARACHI: Police on Wednesday claimed to have busted a gang of maidservants allegedly involved in robberies in posh areas of Karachi, ARY News reported.

Acting on a tip-off, the police conducted raid at a house and arrested three maidservants. However, seven of their accomplices managed to escape from the scene.

According to the officials of Gizri police station, the gang of maidservants was active in posh areas of the metropolis, particularly in Defence and Clifton.  The police officials said that they were conducting raids to arrest the other members of the gang.

Recently, the gang of maidservants had looted a bungalow in Defence, the police officials added.

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Earlier on September 21, Unidentified dacoits had looted house of a pilot of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and made off with foreign currency, 10 tola gold, three precious watches and a car.

According to police, the unidentified dacoits had broken into the house of Pilot Adnan situated in DHA phase 4 today and took away a large amount of foreign currency, 10 tola gold, a car and other valuables from the house.



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