Culture Elon Musk, Twitter CEO endorse Signal after WhatsApp privacy...

Elon Musk, Twitter CEO endorse Signal after WhatsApp privacy changes


A day after Tesla chief Elon Musk endorsed messaging app Signal, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has also hinted he prefers the app now over WhatsApp.

Dorsey tweeted a screenshot of his phone showing the app installed in it.

WhatsApp recently came under fire after updating its privacy policy, forcing users to accept their data will be shared with Facebook, or else their accounts will be deleted.

It has said that all users “must agree” to the new terms by February 8, 2021 if they want to continue using the app. The changes are related to the way businesses will be able to operate on the application and interact with users, WhatsApp’s spokesperson said.

Shortly after, messaging app Signal said that it is seeing a spike in user registration on its platform. It requested its new users to try signing up again as the verification code delays have been removed.

Signal tweeted Monday that it “continued to shatter traffic records” as a great number of new users who don’t approve of WhatsApp’s new policy of sharing data with Facebook are switching to it.

After Tesla CEO and the world’s richest person Elon Musk recommended Signal over WhatsApp, a sudden surge in demand for the application led to delays in phone number verification of new users. 

According to data analytics from Sensor Tower, more than 100,000 users installed Signal in two days after Musk’s endorsement, with Telegram recording over 2.2 million downloads. Signal tweeted that it was working to handle the influx of new users. 

Signal is an encrypted messaging application which says on its official website: “We can’t read your messages or listen to your calls, and no one else can either. Privacy isn’t an optional mode — it’s just the way that Signal works. Every message, every call, every time. 

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