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Luca Argentero new cases in the ward. “There will be the second season”


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More and more bewildered but with brilliant insights when it comes to making a diagnosis, while the young doctors at his side learn and weave love stories. From October 15th on Rai 1 the new episodes of Doc – In your hands , the series with Luca Argentero inspired by the true story of Doctor Pierdante Piccioni arrive . At the end of March, in full lockdown, this medical drama won 8 million viewers . The expectation is growing to know what will happen while the screenwriters are already writing the stories for the next season, because as the producer Matilde Bernabei announces “the story continues”

“We did not expect such a great success” confesses Argentero, who in the fiction has the role of Dr. Andrea Fanti, “on the contrary when we went on the air we were also a bit worried that a medical series could alienate the public. Instead it created a strong relationship of empathy. People recognized the work of doctors and nurses in reality, they felt reassured, and found the same atmosphere in fiction. Everyone does their job “. The actor conquered the public and the director of Rai 1 Stefano Coletta would also see him well in a show. “I cannot deny that there are many projects where I would see Argentero well” he explains, “it is possible that a proposal for entertainment may arrive in the future”.
Produced by Lux Vide and RaiFiction, directed by Jan Maria Michelini and Ciro Visco , written by Francesco Arlanch and Viola Rispoli, the series was sold in Spain, Portugal. Argentero compared himself with Piccioni to build Andrea Fanti: “In the first season Fanti was not a character but he included three, gradually there will be only one Fanti. There was a lot of information that I had to capture from Pierdante. Working with the real protagonist. it was an absolute privilege, it made me realize what it means to lose twelve years of memory. But the most interesting aspect in this story was going from doctor to patient. Pierdante made me understand what it means to lose twelve years of memories, waking up in a world you no longer recognize, completely different

Piccioni, who worked at the Codogno hospital during the emergency, will appear in a cameo in the series. “Luca has already depicted the fundamental aspects of what it means to lose 12 years of memory. The world has moved on. I am forced to live with the memories of others. I have not recovered those 12 years”, he says “I have my injuries which are I always say what I think, but sometimes I don’t think about what I say (laughs, ed). There is one thing that particularly pleased me during the airing of the series. I treated Covid patients all day and watched myself on TV on Thursday nights. Many people have said something that for a doctor is the best: ‘The series was therapeutic’ “. His case has ended up in medical books:” Every year in Italy about 400 thousand people arrive in the emergency room with a head injury “he explains” because they fall down the stairs after accidents. Fortunately, only about 300 report a prolonged lack of memory. There are very few, but it can happen “‘.

Matilde Gioli in the series is Giulia, a doctor forgotten by the man she loves. “I believe that the empathy towards the patients mentioned in the series has hit the audience to the heart: the story of the people is important, in addition to the medical records . Docit is a job that I will carry in my heart, the character of Giulia made me happy because as a child I wanted to be a doctor, it was an honor to wear the gown. Giulia immediately falls in love with Professor Fanti, and just when an embryonic phase of a love story begins, then the accident occurs. Then it is completely removed from him, being erased by the person you are in love with is a nightmare. Giulia always has that veil of frustration and melancholy because she finds herself in an absurd situation. “In the ward you fight for your life, you suffer and love each other. There are many love stories that intertwine. In the main cast, among others , Gianmarco Saurino , Pierpaolo Spollon , Sara Lazzaro , Alberto Malanchino , Giovanni Scifoni , Silvia Mazzieri , Simona Tabasco , Raffaele Esposito ..


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