Fashion Francescka Pepe and the quarrel with an author: "I...

Francescka Pepe and the quarrel with an author: “I want the driver.” But nobody comes


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With the usual calm Franceska explained, with turns of phrase, what happened, without however getting to the heart of the matter by clarifying the reason for the discussion. Pepe spoke of disrespectful methods, said that the author raised her voice, with the amazement and irony of Signorini who listened to her story. What happened behind the scenes is revealed by Gabriele Parpiglia : «Franceska was very upset because the production or the agent didn’t send her the driver to go to the station. Anyway, which is not done to anyone, not even with Prati and its taxi, it is not the procedure, especially in these times of crisis, there is no driver to take you to the station ».

The journalist explained what happened at Casa Chi, continuing: «The agent told us that you no longer want to go to the GF, you don’t even want to participate as an audience. Thesis confirmed by the Instagram stories where he defined everyone as “shameful and mad house”


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