Technology The audacious plan to save the Arctic with glass

The audacious plan to save the Arctic with glass


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A ome scientists are testing some conventional methods to stop the loss of ice in the Arctic , driven by the fear that fighting and l climate change attic has already been too slow .
One of the most important characteristics of Arctic sea ice is that this blindingly white surface reflects sunlight .

Throughout human history, these frozen seas have acted as a gigantic umbrella that stabilizes the climate and helps keep the planet at a habitable temperature.

But much of that ice is rapidly melting away. The rise in temperature trapped the Arctic in a self-destructive mechanism: the hotter the climate , the more ice melts and turns into water, which, being darker, absorbs even more solar radiation instead of reflecting it back into space .
By absorbing more heat, the waters cause more melting, generating more water, which in turn absorbs more heat, in a process that continually accelerates the disappearance of ice.


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